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OCTOBER 20 2017

Residents of Bridgewater Housing Association love a cuppa and a slice of cake.

So their recent Afternoon Tea event held in Erskine was an occasion not to be missed.

The “Afternoon Tea with CGC” event came about after Bridgewater Housing Association won funding from CGC to host an afternoon tea.

Bridgewater was among many housing providers who were successful in the initiative designed to fight loneliness and isolation among older and vulnerable tenants.

Bridgewater’s event took place at the “Community House” and was meticulously planned with a working group formed to ensure the event was a great success.

It was the ideal opportunity to chat and make friends over a cup of tea and talk about what events they’d like to see taking place in their community.

Transport was arranged so people with mobility issues could attend and 19 people came along in total including two tenants and two men who had not attended a housing association social activity before.

A spokesman for CGC said:

“What a thoroughly marvellous occasion Bridgewater Housing Association organised. It was brilliantly planned and did exactly what we hoped it would do. Well done to everyone at Bridgewater.”